Things to learn before college

As I am starting college this year, I am concerned about how I will get through a transition process. There are a lot of things that people wish they had known before starting their freshman year, and several of them are described in Moira Forbes’s article called What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Starting College, in which she interviews successful women about it. The author mentions, how exciting and anxious at the same time it might be to step onto campus for the first time as a freshman faces all the difficulties of being independent and responsible for him or herself. Tons of work, social pressures and other factors make it hard for one to hold. However, a good start is important and affects the whole studying period, so it is crucial to make the right decisions. Moira Forbes gives a reader the experience of some people who had already achieved their success.

Whitney Wolf, Founder and CEO of Bumble, who was an International Studies major at Southern Methodist University, recommends college newcomers to make sure they do well not only in classroom but in their life in general. Health, relationships and mental wellbeing should not be given up to get good grades, and it is vital to remember about such approach. She also points out that emotional intelligence is much more beneficial than just documented intelligence.

A graduate of Princeton University with an A.B. in History and now the CEO of Lebenthal & Co., LLC, Alexandra Lebenthal reminds the students not to trust people too much. Otherwise, it can lead to one finding out that he or she invested too much time, money or other resources in someone but not themselves. Even if it seems like you are in good relationships, someone might try to take the advantage from you so better keep it in mind all the time. She also specifies that once you notice such troubles, you have to get out immediately as hoping that the situation will ‘miraculously change’ is useless in any case.

Cheryl Dorsey, President of Echoing Green, received her Bachelor’s degree in History and Science from Harvard-Radcliffe Colleges. Now she tells the readers to focus on who do you want to be and how do you want to affect the world instead of asking yourself what do you want to do after college. Letting others’ social expectations define you leads to you being disappointed later in life. A job should mean something important to a person, then it can bring a full weight out of his or her talents. Cheryl Dorsey calls it ‘core identity that is as intrinsic as our DNA’, so it is substantial to make the right choice.

April Underwood, Vice President of Product at Slack who studied Management Information Services at The University of Texas at Austin, claims that it means a lot to be brave to ask great questions instead of pretending to know all the answers. She describes her story, noting that ‘fake it till you make it’ approach she embraced in her early years worked well for her, however there was something important she missed. Good questions can broaden your worldview and make your relationships deeper, and they are not revealing your weakness. Conversely, they show that you are curious and engaged, helping to create useful emotional and intellectual connections.

The CEO of AnthroTronix, who received her B.A. in Biopsychology and Mathematics from Swarthmore College, Corinna Lathan advises college newcomers to push their boundaries, getting outside of their comfort zone. Giving her personal experience as an example, she declares that doing things you are unlikely to do challenges the boundaries of your comfort zone and makes it bigger, so there are a lot of advantages for your future life.

Rachel Tipograph, Founder and CEO of MikMak who graduated from New York University where she received a B.A. in Entertainment Business and New Media, suggests that being a ‘supreme, verbal storyteller’ can greatly help one in life. Being able to convince people through speech gives you a chance to hook a person, and undoubtedly you will need this skill a lot of times. She mentions that the worst things it can lead to are that you can be ignored or challenged, and both of them are insignificant in terms of your overall story. So the ability to ‘speak up and act big’ is a good thing to learn to do.

While reading this article, I was glad to find out that I have already used these suggestions in my school experience. I tried to focus on my physical and mental wellbeing, and I am sure it helped me a lot to graduate with all excellent grades. When you are in harmony with yourself, studies seem to be easier and more comfortable. Another thing that was a great help for was my ability to discuss questions I do not understand. I tried to speak up because in my opinion not knowing something is not embarrassing especially if you study at school. In fact, it is all about being confident enough to embrace your ignorance in order to overcome it and learn something new. When you realize that no one can blame you for what you say and what you ask, then you reach a new level of understanding between you and the teacher or professor. Understanding these simple facts is a key to successful discussion in classroom.

Talking about getting outside the comfort zone, I can say that moving to Dubai definitely pushes the boundaries of it. I start getting education in another country, and it gives me great opportunities in terms of gaining new knowledge and social contacts. Moving forward in life means overcoming certain difficulties, and it brings you one level up in your life. Honestly, I can not say that I know for sure what impact I want to have on the world, but I am here to define it and develop in this direction. It is important to keep in mind your real goals and wishes, not letting others dictate you what you have to do later in life.

Personally, I made several decisions concerning my future studies at SAE Dubai. I want to be engaged and take part in all the events to get the most out of the educational process. Besides, I want to meet new people to make social connections that will help me to reach my creative goals. I am willing to discover the world and myself through various filmmaking projects, and I always remind myself that there is no one, but me who is responsible for my future success so it is useless to waste my time trying to avoid working hard. The more I do, the more I get, and I should not surrender the opportunity to make my hobby my job. Everything depends on me, so I will try my best. Otherwise, I will probably miss the chance of my life.

I do not expect the transition process and my first year in college to be easy. However, I know it will be very interesting, and I am happy to finally be able to study what I want to and develop in the spheres I find important. It is useful to get advice from those who had already passed this period and learn on others’ mistakes instead of making your own, so I grateful I had a chance to read the article of Moira Forbes and get a bit more prepared for what I will have to face soon.

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