FLM110.3 “Let’s better watch it at home” — How we can engage with the film and become an ​active audience

As for a film student, movies are for me a much more important thing than just entertaining. For quite a big part of the general audience going to the movies is a way to spend a night out and to have fun. However, I believe that watching a film as a passive audience member — someone who notices only the basic actions without digging deeper into the meanings — is just not worth it. But how we can engage with a film to be active?


First, many people consider that one can get a proper engaging experience while watching a movie only in cinema. Personally, I don’t agree with it — and it’s not only me. Nowadays, people don’t go to the movies that often because the audience lost the basics of etiquette. Those who come to the cinema to watch a film are being highly distracted by popcorn-eaters, phones, people talking out loud right in the middle of the film. The problem of losing the interest to the cinema is not because of the increasing popularity of streaming and downloading — it’s because of those who surround us (Hudson, 2018).

So, I’d prefer to watch a film at home. But it is also about how you watch it. In order to be an active audience member, you need to focus a lot on the details to be engaged with different meanings of the film and get your own perception of the presented ideas. Trying to understand characters’ motivations and analyze the relationships between everything that is included in the frame (A Word on Film, 2018).

I believe that no matter where you watch a film, you need to try to be as active as it is possible in order to get a proper personal understanding of this piece of art.


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  1. faizaanraheel · May 3, 2018

    this is an interesting read, and something that i have thought of as well, in my personal blog on this matter titles ‘audience space’ i talk about how it differs from each individual to the next, which i see some similarities in this as well, those people who want to be completely involved in the film, actually take the patience of sitting through the film silently observing each and every scene that passes by on the silver screen, and this thus has an impact on how they feel about i as well, not to forget that the cinemas were created mainly for the films to be released initially and also to be watched together surrounded by friends and family, and in being able to enjoy it in the moment.


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