CIU111.3 The golden era of collaborations

Living in the 21s century, we are lucky to get opportunities that would never be possible without the development of modern technologies. Before even communication between creative people was a much bigger deal, but nowadays with the help of the Internet, we have more chances to collaborate with those who are interested in our work, even though they may be kilometers away from us.

Collaboration is an extremely important part of the creative process which allows us to share our ideas in order to achieve the best possible result, come up with something entirely new and overcome those challenges with which we might not be able to deal working alone. Apart from that, collaboration gives us a chance to spend time together more productively, inspire each other and give us more creative power (TEDx Talks, 2014).

The Internet gives us endless possibilities for collaboration, including collaborations with fans. For those who admire someone’s work, it might be difficult to gain the attention of a person. However, social media makes everything much easier. While researching the topic, I came up with the story about a popular EDM producer Deadmau5 who posted his new track on SoundCloud and pretty soon got a feedback from one of his fans saying he wrote some lyrics for it. Deadmau5 decided to give the guy a chance and was amazed and inspired by what he got. It led to them releasing the track together — and that perfectly illustrates the creative collaboration opportunities we get with the Internet (Newton-Rex, 2015).

(Beware the inappropriate language)

I believe that 21st century is a perfect time to create something together with both your peers and fans because it can lead to revealing a new creative power and be a great source of inspiration. I’m convinced that we should not give up these opportunities.


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  1. alexisdechampris · April 22, 2018

    I talked on the other post about how it is easy to anonymously give your opinion, which can lead to bad results when combined with negative. However, as deadmau5’s case proves, it’s not all bad! There are so many ways to communicate with fans today, in ways that can lead to great collaborations! Do you think that as a whole, fans should be involved much more or not?


    • liza zhokhova · April 25, 2018

      Personally, I don’t think that there’s some kind of a rule about it. Fans are engaged when they actually have something to add to artist’s work, as it happened with Deadmau5. However, I believe that artists who consider their fans’ effort are doing a great job.


  2. Yana Kalashnikova · April 25, 2018

    Collaboration is an awesome tool that can be used very well. In the case of Deadmau5 I find that so cool that his fan was able to help him but also that they ended up working together, potentially teaching his fan so much. By doing this he would have also made his community much stronger and more engaged to help and give ideas.


  3. wwwyasir · April 25, 2018

    From the most inclusive science team to the most arcane writer, collaboration is always present, and even the most arcane writer needs someone’s feedback. Collaboration is a lovely thing, isn’t it? Nothing more thrilling than experiencing one’s own nervous anticipation for another’s opinion on whatever it is you’re working on. Unless, of course, their opinion is absolute garbage. Which seems to happen all the time. Funny, isn’t it? I think it’s funny. Whatever.


  4. ShehzorTK · April 25, 2018

    Collaborating with fans is really great, it can really add to the artist’s work when a person who admires the work they put out has something to add. At the same time, it can launch the career of a new artist. Also when multiple artists collaborate together they all get exposure from each other’s fans and are able to reach out to a larger audience.


  5. faizaanraheel · April 26, 2018

    Its because of collaborations that we get work like DJ groups like Swedish house mafia, films like matrix by the wachowski brothers and more recently the russo brothers for avengers : infinity war and so on. the story about deadmau5 finding the voice for his song the veldt is truly inspiring and reminds me of a certain youtube i watch almost everyday, PewDiePie, as of the recent months, his entire youtube content is basically taking suggestions from his subscribers on reddit r/pewdiepiesubmissions and reviews his fans artwork, their memes, or maybe even some of the stories they post over there. so i agree with the fact that, the age of digital collaboration has truly made this world smaller, and have connected people even more than before.


  6. ryanbakerthefilmmaker · April 26, 2018

    Collaboration is absolutely essential for creatives in the modern era and I think that this piece does a great job of explaining exactly why that is. We do indeed live in the “golden era of collaborations” and I think your example of Deadmau5 was perfectly relevant. Given the opportunities to network that social media has provided, I believe that it would be remiss of us as aspiring creatives not to grasp this with both hands. All in all, a wonderfully articulate and thoughtful piece.


  7. shahbanojawad · April 26, 2018

    The importance of collaboration sometimes goes by unnoticed by individuals entering the creative field. They want to make it on their own, or they think their work is just too good for a collaboration but what they do not understand is that it is the key to success in virtually every field, not just creative. There is always room to learn more, experience more, draw upon a knowledge base that would otherwise be inaccessible and with collaborating that is exactly what one gets! Many of the famous YouTubers we watch nowadays all reached the apex of their career by collaborating with other professionals from their industry and that just goes to show how you can achieve more by the simple act of collaborating!


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