FLM110.3 Don’t let technologies kill filmmaking art

Since the beginning of the cinema era, technologies have developed significantly and filmmakers have got many tools for them to create absolutely unique worlds in their films. Particularly, technologies have been used film marketing since the beginning of the studio era (SAE Film and Media, 2015). Filmmakers wanted to make their movies as spectacular as possible — in fact, it led to modern blockbusters we see nowadays. No doubt, modern technologies significantly contributed to the development of film industry. However, they also affected the way the stories are being told in the films.



One of the Star Wars’ characters recreated using CGI technologies 


Personally, I have always valued the films shot without using the CGI. I prefer natural atmosphere to the fantastic worlds which are being recreated in films. In my opinion, CGI sometimes creates an image that lacks honesty. Apart from that, many Hollywood films are being so focused on CGI effects, explosions and other visual technologies, that they give up the heart of the film — the narrative. Deep meanings and interesting stories are being sacrificed to spectacularity, which is, in my view, highly distractive for the art of filmmaking. Apart from that, overuse of CGI sometimes leads to the film losing its authenticity (The MovieNetwork, 2014).

All in all, I think that computer-generated imagery should be used responsibly in the films. It is a powerful tool that can contribute to the production, but personally, I feel that films that rely too much on CGI lack… Soul? Probably something like this. I believe in natural filmmaking and would like to create movies that are not dependent on CGI. Films are about stories, about characters, about cinematography — but not about demonstrating the latest technologies in computer-generated imagery.

Have a look at how Michael Gondry created visual effects in 2004’s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — without using CGI.


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One comment

  1. faizaanraheel · May 3, 2018

    In todays day and age, technology has advanced to such an extent that virtually actors can be created using computer generated softwares by editing companies even when the actors aren’t even alive. Lisa points out an interesting comment that says filmmaking started with an art, and it should always be one, it is one of the few art forms that truly use many aspects of your creativity, including interacting with people, building sets, and overall compiling a story from script to screen, if this core element is missing out in todays world of filmmaking, the future of this art form is sadly in danger.


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