Meet Liza

Liza is from the Philippines and she has been working in Dubai as a house helper for 13 years already. She used to work in an Iranian family before she got to a Russian house. Liza misses her home a lot, but stays optimistic and does her job with a positive attitude. She loves cooking and gardening and grows vegetables and plants which she uses in her cooking later on. In Dubai, her best friend is a little dog called Shanya. They spend a lot of time together and are very close to each other. Even though Shanya was originally the dog of the owners of the house where Liza works, but now she literally has become only Liza’s dog. Shanya misses Liza a lot when she goes out or goes to the Philippines for vacation. Whatever Liza does in the house, whether it is cooking, cleaning or getting some rest, Shanya is always next to her, and Liza loves her a lot.

In the Philippines, Liza left her family, including her mother and her sister, and she tries to help them as much as she can. Her mother needs a lot of support and she is not a young woman anymore, but it is hard for Liza to help her while she is in Dubai. Anyway, she travels home every year to see her family, and during the working months she collects different things in Dubai and sends them to the Philippines. Not long ago she and her family bought a new land and a house in her home country, and after a couple of years Liza plans to leave her Dubai job and go back to the Philippines to live a family life and have children.

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