Meet Nikolay

Nikolay is a Russian businessman working in Dubai, He moved to Dubai approximately 6 years ago to work for a waste management company. Now, he still works in the environmental sphere – he is a part of a team launching an ecological fund. About one year ago he started to explore an absolutely new topic – cryptocurrencies. He says, that working with new technologies he previously never really understood motivates him to learn something new which is never easy but very interesting.

Nikolay likes to maintain an active lifestyle – he enjoys swimming for hours in the sea during the season and in the swimming pools when the summer is terribly hot. From time to time he goes camping to neighbor Oman or just other emirates in UAE. When I asked Nikolay about some specific skills he has, at first he didn’t know what to say, but after a couple of minutes of the conversation I found out that he knows many languages including English, French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian). Some of them he learned just in a couple of days during his trip to some new place – that’s how it worked out with German, for example. The reason for that is not only that he likes languages but also the fact that he got a chance to work in different countries. Nikolay got used to working in UAE, that’s why now he is pretty confident here, however, he wouldn’t mind trying something new as well.


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