Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 1 (technically 2, but the first for these blogs)

During today’s class at SAE Dubai we have been briefed with our project for our Studio 3 unit. Our objective is to shoot a 15-20 minute short film in one of the following genres: horror, comedy, thriller or noir/neo-noir. We have been divided into two groups, 7 people each, and started working on the idea for the project. For this production, I aim to stick with the directing department as by the fifth trimester I have decided that directing is what I should actually do.

Faizaan, one of our team members, has a couple of interesting ideas for the script which we might use for the film. Apart from that, Nadia has also an idea, but we don’t know what is it about yet. Anyway, on Thursday everybody will pitch their ideas so we can choose the best one. One of Faizaan’s ideas is a thriller short film. According to Danny Draven, a thriller is “a work of fiction or drama designed to hold the interest by the use of a high degree of intrigue, adventure, or suspense” (Draven, 2013). As we were discussing this idea, we came to understanding that neo-noir would also be a good option to stylize this film, especially because, as stated in a book “Cinema Studies: The Key Concepts”, noir/neo-noir films can be in some respects called thrillers as this genre is quite broad (Hayward, 2017). Another option Faizaan has is a dark comedy which is also pretty interesting.

Anyway, I’m waiting until Thursday when all the ideas will be presented to us so we can start developing the one we will choose, finalize our roles, etc. This trimester seems to be more demanding comparing to the previous ones, but I like it because I really want to work hard and make good stuff so I hope it will be challenging and interesting.

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