Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 3.

Today we had a short class during which the directors and DOPs pitched for their roles. I decided not to pitch for the director for two reasons: firstly, I want to focus on directing the major project; secondly, I’m not really into thriller genre and kind of don’t feel like directing such a film. However, I’m really interested in being the first AD for this production as \ I’m excited to be a part of such a project, and the fact that it’s not really my style makes it even more fascinating. Apart from that, I’m a part of the art department for this film which is also quite challenging as we need to create this neo-noir style in the movie, and art department plays a big role in it as well as other departments.

Unlike the other group, we almost didn’t have any competition in terms or crew roles as everyone is pretty sure about what they want to do. This week we will be meeting to make a presentation for next Sunday when everyone has to pitch for the roles they picked. The first draft of the script needs to be done by Wednesday morning max. Even though Faizaan is responsible for scriptwriting, we are all helping him out to brainstorm the ideas and structure it. Personally, I find writing a script for a 15-20 minute film in three days really challenging, you can’t really put much thought in what you are writing, especially because we are quite loaded with work this trimester. However, it’s just the first draft so I believe that we will be able to perfect it later on.

For the pitch, I’m going to work on part of the script breakdown and find references for the location we want to use. Even though it’s just the first draft, I believe it won’t be too difficult to change the script breakdown in accordance with future changes. Breaking down the script is “ separating and numbering each scene in a script, and then highlighting and listing the elements in each scene as written” (Dellario, 2017). It helps all the departments to get a clear idea of what is needed for each scene. It includes cast, extras, props, locations, wardrobe, special effects, stunts, sound effects, music, vehicles, animals, makeup, hair, and special equipment (Brubaker, 2014). For now, we will make a simplified version of script breakdown as the script is not finalized yet.

Unfortunately, I won’t be present for the next class as I have a shoot with other SAE students for the final project of one of them, however, I will work on the presentation together with my team and present later.


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