Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 4.

This week we had our project presentation which I, unfortunately, missed because of the shoot. For it, I prepared a draft of the script breakdown to get a proper idea of what are we going to need for the shoot. Apart from that, as a part of the art department team, I searched for references for each location we need for the production.

I was told by our team that the script needs to be changed a lot, so Faizaan and Shahbano started working on it. As a result, the concept of the film has changed a lot, several elements have been added to the film. Right now, the scrip looks much more consistent and the story is more logical and understandable for the audience, and in general makes much more sense. However, some changes still need to be applied, so by the end of week 4 we still don’t have the final draft of our script which makes working on the film a bit more difficult. However, we try to go through all the pre-production processes we can. For instance, our producers posted a casting call on Mixfame and quite a lot of people applied for it. We shortlisted the most suitable candidates, and next week we are having the auditions with them.

Also, we found some suitable and accessible locations which we are going to go see soon. With the new script, I have a better understanding how to schedule the production which is a great relief because before I was actually concerned how we are going to fit all the locations into 4 shooting days. I’m not going to create a new script breakdown before the scrip is locked (or at least reaches the stage of the last draft). All of us are very busy with other shoots, so we need to understand how to manage all the projects and keep up with our Studio 3 film. I hope, by the end of next week the scrip will be locked and we can finalize all we need for this production and start actively working on it.

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