Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 5.

This week was dedicated to castings. We spent two days casting the actors who applied to our casting call on Mixfame, and it was quite a hard thing to do. Apparently, it is incredibly hard to find someone with a proper English accent as most of the people who wanted to come were either from Europe or the Middle East. Fortunately, our story is set in Dubai and we show it vividly, so it should not be a big issue. We found our Parker and bartender Wyatt; however, we are still in doubts regarding Isabella. We will hold extra auditions next week to make sure we find someone exactly suitable for the role, even though we quite liked one of the ladies who came this week.

Anyway, the trimester continues to be really hectic as we need to manage a lot of processes at the same time. Yazan showed us how to use the production scheduling and script breakdown software which is actually pretty convenient. The most important drawback is that we can access it only at SAE so we cannot work on it at home which makes everything much more complicated. We worked on script breakdown as a whole group, but I want to sit with Mera next week to break down the rest of the script and fix everything that was done not properly.

Locations are still next week, so we all hope that they will be actually suitable for our shoots. Personally, I find scheduling the most concerning as there are a lot of different sets needed so I am afraid we will not be able to finish everything on time. From my previous experience, it is crucial to have a perfect plan because plans never work, and if your plan is so-so then the final result will be a total disaster.

Hope next week will clarify locations. Also, we start rehearsing next week. Week 8 is so close.


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