Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 6

This week we have been doing location scouting to lock down all the locations for our film. For all of them, we had multiple options so we needed to narrow everything down so they meet our requirements.

We were quite lucky to have Yana’s parents to work in the company which has a staged apartment in a warehouse which they use for making commercials but, unfortunately, this location turned out to be not suitable enough for us. Technically, we got the permission to shoot there, but the problem was the lighting: the warehouse has windows which allow daylight to come inside. As our film has a neo-noir theme, we need more dimmed lighting which meant that we would only shoot there at night which was not convenient for both sides.

Anyway, we decided that we will use Shahbano’s house for Isabella’s apartment (it is also extremely useful in terms of logistics as her place became some kind of our base), Yana’s house for Lewis’s apartment.

We are struggling with the bar as the one we planned to use initially doesn’t seem to work out. However, we have one backup option plus enough time to search for others. I’m pretty sure we will be fine as we have almost two weeks to lock this. A good thing is that we are set with actors now and start rehearsing this Saturday. Overall, I’m really satisfied with our progress as the pre-production seems to be moving forward fast.

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