Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 7

This week was mostly dedicated to rehearsing and scheduling the shoot. The actors seem to get along really well which is great, and we had multiple rehearsals with them so we hope that on set we will be able to work really quick.

In terms of scheduling, one of the requirements for our film is that we shoot the entire thing in four days. We got the bar for two days which is awesome, however, we are only allowed to be there from 8 am to 2:30 pm which is not a lot of time so we need to be very prepared to be able to finish everything on time. The other two days will be divided according to locations (one day is at Shahbano’s, another one at Yana’s). We are planning night shoots for those two days as we need the streets to be dark (faking it would not look good on camera due to some specific issues we have). Also, on the last day Hitesh, our leading actor, will need to shave for our film as we want to show him younger than in the entire film, so it also gives as some restrictions in terms of scheduling. Anyway, I finished the shooting schedule. There are might be some minor changes, but overall the structure is set.

I’m happy with the schedule we have now as it looks like we have enough time to shoot everything. Right now, it is just a matter of preparation so everything goes according to the plan. I am actually very excited about the shoot next week as with this project I don’t feel unprepared (it happened to me before and obviously the problem is the lack of professionalism). I’m very proud of the guys from our team as they are doing their job really great. So yes, next week we are shooting.

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