Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 9

The shoot is over! We are done with the two remaining days of filming, and now we are entering the post-production stage!


I cannot say that these two days were easy, but we overcame all the difficulties and managed to get everything that we wanted. On day 3 we were shooting at Shahbano’s house. We arrived there at 5 pm and had two hours to set everything up before the sunset (we needed the place to be dark and covering the windows wouldn’t work for us). I scheduled a 12-hours shoot so we had enough time to get everything done, however, after the first two days everyone expected that we will finish earlier. The scene we were shooting – the last one in the film – was not very easy for both the crew and the actors. After it, we had to shoot multiple small scenes (one shot each). I don’t know what affected the process more: the complication of the scene or understanding of the fact that we have the location for as long as we need, but overall it was a little slower than in the previous two days. It was not an easy day for all of us, especially because night shoots turned out to be really exhausting. However, we wrapped almost on time and got some good footage.


When everybody showed up on set on day 4, everyone was really exhausted. It was less than 8 hours since we wrapped the previous shoot, and not everybody got to sleep for more than 3-5 hours as even after the wrap some people needed to stay to back up the footage, discuss something, etc. We were shooting at Yana’s place and Yana’s mom literally saved us by preparing a good tasty breakfast, after which everybody seemed more alive and readier for the next shoot.

Firstly, we needed to shoot an outside scene in the desert. We drove there in two cars, and as soon as we arrived Shahbano, our DP, announced, that some buttons on her camera don’t work. Considering the fact, that literally nothing happened to the camera since last night, it was unpleasantly surprising. Luckily, we had my camera which was used for BTS. However, immediately after we shot the scene Shahbano and Faizaan headed to Sony to sort out the issue. Of course, we had some kind of a backup option of using Faizaan’s camera, but the quality of the image would differ significantly from Sony a7s II.

While we were nervously waiting for the guys to come back, we recorded some BTS interviews. By the time we were supposed to already start shooting, Shahbano and Faizaan called us and said that they found another Sony camera and were heading to us. It was a great relief as losing the camera on the last day of the shoot would definitely have a negative impact on our film.

Even though we were slightly behind the schedule, we started working quite fast and finished the most difficult shot in 3 takes. After that, everybody kind of calmed down and we continued working pretty smoothly. We wrapped at around 3:30 am, tired but very happy. I was sad leaving the set as it meant that the shoot is over, and we all had great fun making this film. Our work is not done and there’s a long post-production process ahead, but I’m actually proud of our team for doing a good job!


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