Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 10

This week has been dedicated to editing. Right now, the majority of work is concentrated on our editor, director, and DP, and guys don’t really want us to disturb them as too many opinions can be distracting as well as the fact that they are aware of the majority of changes that need to be implemented. By the end of the week, we have probably like the third draft which is already pretty close to the final one, but still, some major structural changes need to be implemented as Yazan had an interesting suggestion in terms of how to restructure one of the scenes.

The major issue we’ve been facing is the lack of coverage for some scenes (something is out of focus and we don’t have another take, etc). However, guys have been managing to deal with all the issues really well so I believe that the final draft will look really good. Also, you should never judge the film by the drafts because the difference between, for example, the first and the last drafts is huge.

We are on schedule, however, still somewhat limited in time as we have the second project going on at the same time. As soon as guys finish the final draft, the coloring and audio post still needs to be done. Anyway, the film seems to look better and better, we are cutting it down to leave only important things in it (the assembly draft was something about 24 minutes, the current version is 19 and more will be cut) so it is engaging for the audience throughout the whole movie. There are some moments which look a bit overacted and which I hope will be rather removed or changed in the final draft, but overall I’m satisfied with what we are getting.

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