Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 11

This week Alexis, Faizaan and Shabano continued to edit the film; apart from that, we’ve been busy with the other project we are making, so we needed to split the work in order to get everything done on time. By the end of this week, the picture is considered locked and tomorrow we are starting to do color. I’ve been feeling the lack of my engagement in the post-production stage (which is reasonable as it now comes down to the director and the editor, but I really want to help them as they have been working really hard). So next week I’m planning to join them for the color grading for at least a couple of days.

The film was cut down to 17 minutes which I consider a good thing as some parts actually seemed to long. Guys tried implementing a lot of experimental suggestions and came to the version they like the most. I can’t wait to see the film with the color grading as right now it doesn’t have that neo-noir visual style we were going for as the picture is desaturated, but I can imagine how the film will be transformed when colored.

The poster and the audio are in progress and everything seems to be on schedule. I suppose the next week might be a bit hectic as deadlines are always somewhat stressful (you always feel something can still be perfected) but I believe everything will be alright.

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