Studio 3 Production Diary: Week 12

It’s Thursday week twelve and our film has been officially submitted as well as the trailer, the poster, the behind the scenes video. All our team feels relieved even though we are not completely done with this trimester yet.

As I was planning to, I sit with Alexis, Faizaan, and Shahbano to help them with the color. We decided to go for different looks for the first and the second bar scenes to distinguish them from each other. Overall, with color the film looks very different. I can say that I like what we got. Some scenes look more natural while some have more obvious color grading. A lot of issues have been fixed and now the picture looks decent.

I feel a little bit overwhelmed and kind of need a break from this film. I don’t feel like watching it for the next week or so because now I’ve seen it so many times I don’t understand anything anymore. This final week was a little bit hectic because nothing ever goes according to the plan, even though we didn’t have any major issues which could lead us to freaking out. I’m really proud of our team and this was probably the most professional production I’ve ever worked on so far. Everybody did a great job, and the film we have now is something that I will be proud to show to anyone. I hope, our whole team feels the same.

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