My name is Lisa and I am a student at SAE Institute Dubai (currently Foundation, then Filmmaking). I’m from Russia and I love this country as it made me who I am now. My main interest is filmmaking which I’m planning to turn into my future job&passion. The emotional magic of films and videos amazes me, and I consider them one of the most complex and operative ways to not just tell the story but also make the viewer actually live it. My desire is to learn as much as I can about it to be able to express myself fully. I love to create in all the ways I can think of and currently just discovering its enormous power. I admire music for its incredible effect on people’s moods and feelings, and one of my goals is to understand how it works in details. I want to know the origins of every little sound I hear (some people just don’t pay attention to it, but once I started to actually listen to what makes up a song, I opened a little world for myself). I explore different kinds of visual arts, from classical paintings to collages, trying creating some things myself. In my opinion, books are essentional for a permanent development, as they are my mane sourse of experience and ideas, which could not come up to my mind. My purpose is to explore inner and outter world as deeply as I can. Humanity knows so little, thus trying to find out a bit more than it was expected is the only way for me to deal with our natural ignorance. I believe in perception more than I believe in reality. And all these beliefs are forever changeable, and it’s wonderful.